Newborn Session Preparation Tips


Here are a few tips to help ensure the success of your newborn session:

Keeping Baby Awake:

This may sound crazy, but try and keep baby up 2 hours prior to your shoot! This will ensure that they are nice and sleepy when they arrive.


Give your baby a nice bath right before coming into the studio. This will help to relax the baby afterwards!


Make sure that baby is well-fed before the photo session. A well-fed baby is often a happy baby and this will help us get the best photos during your photo shoot.


Newborn sessions typically last anywhere from 2 – 3 hours. This allows a lot of time to feed, change and burp the baby without feeling rushed. So be sure to pack a lot of extra diapers, wipes, etc. If your baby is bottle-fed, bring more than enough! Sometimes babies want to eat more from being moved about so much. This is completely normal!


We have tons of newborn props to choose from during your shoot. If you have treasured blankets or props you would like to include in a few shots, please bring them with you.

Other Participants:

If you are looking to include other small siblings in your shoot (Available with the silver package or higher), we find it much easier to have them present during the beginning or end of the shoot only. 2 to 3 hour is a very long waiting period for small children. We also want to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere for mom and baby during the session. If you must keep small siblings there for the entire session, we do have a TV in the reception area but we ask that you have someone there to watch them.

Studio Temperature:

Keeping the baby warm, comfortable and happy in a relaxed atmosphere is the key to a successful photo session. Our studio is very warm during newborn sessions, so please dress light. We also use baby soothing sound videos to help calm and put baby to sleep!


We have a private area for you to nurse if you are uncomfortable doing so in the studio. You certainly don’t have to leave to nurse, but we understand that some moms are just getting the hang of it. Your comfort is key!

Newborn babies usually alternate between disgruntled crying and peaceful slumber. Some babies are perfectly happy to model while awake, but sleeping babies are much easier to position and

style –– the key is getting them to stay asleep during the majority of your photo session.

Looking forward to meeting you and your little one!