Maternity Session Tips

If some of your portraits will include the baby’s siblings, make arrangements for someone to pick up the children after their portraits with you are taken. That way, you will have the remainder of your session uninterrupted to do individual or couple portraits. Perhaps Grandma or an aunt can come with you to the portrait session, stay while the children are being photographed with you, then whisk them away for a playdate so you can finish shooting more intimate maternity portraits in privacy and without disturbance.

Your Style
It’’s a good idea to look on pinterest, our portfolio found on our website and facebook etc, in order to show us what type of maternity photos you prefer. Collect examples of maternity portraits you like and send it to us so we can get an idea of the style you like!

Hair & Makeup
It’s not mandatory, but getting your hair and makeup complete for your maternity session allows you to feel more confident during your session and completes your look! We highly recommend Shannon Manolal, Owner of Glossed Makeup and Hair Studio. She can be reached at 705-920-9198.

Clothing to Wear Prior to your Session
couple of hours before your maternity photo session, eliminate any clothing that causes lines or indentations on the body—that would include anything elastic or stretchy, such as maternity pants with a panel, elastic waist pants, socks, snug underwear, bras and so on. If possible, wear a loose nightgown, dress or robe to keep your body as smooth as possible, and either go barefoot or wear easy, slip-on shoes or slippers. This is especially important if your maternity portraits will include any nudity or partial nudity. Most maternity portraits do show a bare belly, so you definitely do not want any marks from restrictive clothing on the tummy area.At the very least, lower the waistband on your maternity pants or underwear so there are no lines on your tummy and everything is tucked below your belly

Marks, Tattoos Etc.
Speak with us about any birthmarks, stretch marks or tattoos you may have. Do you want those left on final prints or removed? Do you want to be posed so they don’t show, if possible, or do you want them to be a tasteful part of your image? If you have any physical concerns about your body you’re particularly sensitive about–be sure to discuss those issues with the us, as well. We want you to be open and honest and as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


We have many maternity dresses designed for specifically for maternity shoots that you can wear during your shoot! Please see our portfolio section to see the variety of colours/styles. If you do choose to wear our dresses, you can use 1 to 3 dresses during your shoot (depending on what else you have in mind for your session). Please bring bootie shorts, preferably the same colour as the dress you want to wear to put on while wearing the specific dress(es) you want to use.

Choose clothing that you can move comfortable in and that makes you feel confident and beautiful. One of your partner’s crisp white dress shirts can make for a classic shot!

A dress that is fitted over the belly and slightly snug on the rest of the body is a good choice for images with your significant other where you may be leaning, sitting or lying down.

If you’re thinking about doing topless or semi nude, avoid tight elastic sleeves or waistbands, including socks, hose or underwear, as they tend to leave marks that the camera will find.

Lots of women like to wear a sports bra and booty shorts to do silhouette shots and/or to showcase bare belly shots.

Also bring a robe or a comfortable wrap if you will be changing into smaller outfits or using wrap materials to show off your baby bump!

Articles of clothing during your maternity session may include: Yoga pants, tank tops, lingerie, a long flowing dress, long silk robe etc. Please note that we also have fabric that you can use to showcase your belly.

For family we recommend all matching example: everyone wears jeans, White shirt. You can also add a colour that pops etc. Jeans, White shirt and blue accent such as belt, hat, scarf etc.

You can also match tones instead such as all warm tones , all cool tones.


Bring along any special toy or gift that you have for the new baby that you would like included in your portraits.  This may include baby shoes, blanket, baby outfit, baby blocks, etc.

Looking forward to your session! Just relax and have some fun!