Maternity Session F.A.Q.

Questions & Answers

Q:  When should I book my maternity session?
 A:  We strongly recommend booking your maternity session while you are in your second trimester. We only book a maximum amount of shoots per month; therefore, booking in advance will secure your spot. Maternity sessions take place anywhere from 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy – whatever you are most comfortable with!

Q:  What should I wear for my maternity session?
 A Once you book your maternity session with us, we will give you a list of clothing ideas to help you prepare for your shoot. We also have a variety of long flowing dresses (As seen in our photos) designed specifically for maternity sessions that you can use during your session.

Q:  Who will be present during my maternity session?
A:  Adam has been doing maternity sessions for years, and will pose you in such a way to make you feel comfortable, beautiful and create that perfect lighting. If you plan on coming into the studio alone, his wife Pamela will be present during the shoot as well to help with lighting, posing, and to make you feel comfortable during your session.

Q:  How do I prepare for my session?
A:  A few days prior to your scheduled session, we will send you a list of tips on how to best prepare for your maternity shoot. This will help you to relax and be prepared for a successful (and fun) session!