Regular Session Tips

Onesies, t-shirts, and other “Play Clothes” do not photograph well. I recommend specialty items like tutus, rompers, overalls etc. We have a lot of outfits to choose from during your session such as rompers, tutus, dresses, headbands  hats, ties, overalls etc. We got you covered!  Depending on how the shoot goes, and the length you want, you can use your anywhere from 2 to 5 outfits for your little one!

The best time to photograph your baby is about 30 minutes after nap time.  This is when they are at their happiest! Please avoid booking the session right before or during nap time.

3 to 5 months: At this stage, baby can lift their head on their own. So typically get shots while baby is on their back looking up at the camera, tummy time shots, or baby sitting up on a basket!

6 to 7 months: At this stage, baby can sit up on their own. At 6 months they may need a little assistance and can be wobbly…but typically 7 and 8 months, they are sitting with no problems!  So poses during this stage primarily include sitting on their own on various creative sets…while smiling of course!

8 to 12 months: I call this stage the “happy happy baby stage”. At this stage baby is sitting with 0 assistance, and typically smiling a lot! They can most like stand while holding onto something sturdy as well like a chair or stroller! Your baby is growing up!

Please bring your little one’s favorite small snacks like goldfish for snack breaks  and a sippy cup as baby may get thirsty after all that modeling or in between photos!

If you’d like to help me get your little one to look at the camera or to smile, please stand directly behind me and my camera. I cannot compete with your for your little one’s attention so lets work together so we don’t overwhelm the little model!