Cake Smash Session Tips


Here are a few guidelines to follow when ordering or making your own cake.

Please note that we do not provide the cake for your session but I do have cake platter and other props for use in your session.

Fondant is a choking hazard. Please ask for cakes with soft icing. They smash better too! Your cake should be 6-7 inches in diameter.

Please choose plain white cake. Chocolate and red velvet cake do not look appetizing when smashed all over a toddler.

There are several great bakeries in Sudbury that we recommend including the following two:


Custom Creations

(705) 690-6624


Whisk & Whip




Closer to your session, we will talk about what outfits and props you would like to use/ bring and what backdrops/themes would work best. If you have a theme you would like, please let us know well in advance to see if we can get props for the set.  I can point you in the direction of some Etsy shops that sell great photography session items for little ones that would fit your theme if we don’t have the exact props.

Onesies, t-shirts, and other “Play Clothes” do not photograph well and instead I recommend specialty items like tutus, rompers, overalls etc. We have some outfits to choose from during your session if you wish to use one of ours. If you are bringing in your own outfit, Please make sure the colour of the outfit matches the colour of the cake!


Of course after the cake smash session, your little one will be a complete mess!  We have a bathroom with a very large sink, clothes and towels that you can use after your session is complete!


Many of my clients prefer to book their session at the 11 to 11.5 month mark so that they can have edited photos by their little one’s big day.


Please bring your little one’s favorite small snacks like goldfish for snack breaks  and a sippy cup as baby may get thirsty after all that cake! Sometimes baby won’t want to touch the cake, so if we hide small snacks like goldfish crackers in the cake, they will reach for and eat them, which will help get those interaction photos will cake if there happens to be difficulties.

If you’d like to help me get your little one to look at the camera or to smile, please stand directly behind me and my camera. I cannot compete with your for your little one’s attention so lets work together so we don’t overwhelm our subject.